The Corporate alliance of South Afica is an independent voluntary non profit organisation
established on the 7th of February 2017.

We are an official business federation promoting the interests of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs)
and the historically disadvantaged people in the Republic of South Africa.
We are aiming for the creation of a free, positive economic development and growth by creating an environment that enables such activity to prosper.

SMMEs must exist in numbers to sustain the economy of South Africa.

As Corporate Alliance of South Africa we have taken it upon ourselves to serve our people by availing opportunities and creating a business environment that enables our members to have the necessary skills to become independant entrepreneurs.

Economic Development

By allowing our members to participate in the diverse economy of our country, we open room for global competitiveness.

Engaging Stakeholders

Involving Government and relevant stakeholders to assist our initiative through skills transfer and tools that will enable our members to be self sustained entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneural Culture

The best way to move forward is unity. If our members stay united and take advantage of the skills our organization offers them, then they will be successful entrepreneurs.

Skills Development


In as much as we as an organisation want to transfer entreprenural skills and open doors for opportunities, We also acknowledge our member's efforts in building legacies through their establishments.


The internal community where any business operates plays an important role because it serves as the customer or target market. It enables a business to grow and be inspired to offer services or sell products.

National Presence

CASA shall have national presence within the Republic of South Africa and shall be structured sectorically within all government provinces, districts, metro's and municipal boundaries.


We broaden our appearance so as to seek representation in all spheres of Governments legislative and the relevant Parliamentary Portfolio Commitees in order to adequately articulate the economic and business interests of our members.