Commitment to CSR

Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme has three key focus areas:

Education and training: With focus on Mathematics, Physical Science, Environmental Science and Technology Education.

Social welfare development: Investing and offering a helping hand in community development programmes such as Child Care and Homeless, Health and Nutrition, Aged, HIV/AIDS Awareness and other emergency-related initiatives such as Disaster Relief and ADHHOC sponsorship .

Economic Development: With particular emphasis in promoting the sustainable creation of employment, particularly for marginalised and unskilled groups such as women, youth and people with disabilities for the purpose of improving the quality of life of the people residing in the communities within which operates by enabling them to provide for their own immediate needs and empowering them to better themselves and their communities in the future.

Giving Back

orporate Alliance of South Africa is committed to changing lives and creating a better future for the underpriviledged and disadvantaged alike. They say to love is to be selfless. To be selfless is to be fearless. So it is our fearless commitment to give back to communities. In order to receive you must first give, this is an important lesson that can erase greed and make sure service delivery is delivered accordingly.

Banking Details

Bank: FNB
Account Holder: Corporate Alliance of South Africa
Acc no: 62697463728
Branch: Evander
Branch code: 27044
Reference: Your name/company/organisation.